Getting Started With Conversations

Effective communication is the key to providing excellent customer service and team collaboration. By reaching the right person faster, your service department saves precious time and resources that can be better put to other uses.

Customers today want answers now, and it's in your business' interest to offer quick, personalized service. Once you establish an effective communication channel with your customer, the possibilities are endless.

The Conversations feature is the tool you need to connect your service department with customers to provide them with a mobile, personal, intuitive, and responsive communication system. When service teams have immediate access to customers at their fingertips, they spend more time in control of the customer experience and less time waiting for information.

Quick Benefits of Using the Conversations Feature

  • All your conversations are in one place for easy access.
  • You can provide faster answers and better support as a team.
  • Conversations are personalized to each customer's needs.
  • It's easy to assign conversations to team members.
  • As an admin, you can see which conversation hasn't been attended to for fast follow-up.
  • You can send multimedia messages, like videos and photos, to promote transparency and trust.

Learn More About the Conversations Feature