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Getting Started with Kimoby

Videos to get started and learn how Kimoby works from top to bottom.


Learn how to record, upload, and send videos through Kimoby.


Send instant messages to your clients, including multimedia files to create a memorable customer experience.


Send text messages automatically based on specific events and conditions to ensure customers are always kept informed.

Customer Profiles

Access and edit your customer's information.


Reduce no-shows by sending text reminders that enable customers to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment from their mobile phone.

Instant Marketing Campaigns

Target specific customers based on their attributes and past purchases to send relevant promotional offers or safety recalls.

Customer Groups

Create customer groups based on their attributes and past purchases to target them with Instant Marketing Campaigns.

Kimoby Pay

Save your customers time by sending them payment requests directly to their mobile phones so they can pay from wherever they are.


Create and send detailed estimates that customers can easily understand to upsell your services.

Performance Metrics

View your metrics, such as how many messages you've received or your customer's satisfaction ratings, amongst other insights.

Data Matching

Match your customers with data you already have on them (such as VIN numbers) to create groups for Instant Marketing Campaigns.


Collect timely emotional feedback from your customers about your business to leverage actionable insights and improve satisfaction.

Repair Orders

Facilitate internal communication by sharing relevant information in real-time across teams.

Kimoby Go

Manage your fleet, coordinate your drivers, and create shuttle, valet, and loaner vehicle bookings for your customers.

Team Chats

Send messages and share pictures and videos with other users.

Mobile App

Learn more about the mobile app's technical details such as updates and minimum devices requirements.

Knowledge and Resources

Explore tutorials and learn how Business Instant Messaging can help your business do more with less.

Message Templates

Find pre-written message templates that you can copy, paste, and edit according to your needs.


Update your billing information and manage your Kimoby Plan.


Explore your user account settings, such as managing your profile, and your company account settings.