Three Tricks to Keep Customers Engaged During the Low Season

Customer retention is difficult in the best of times, but especially during the slower winter months. Since acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining current ones, it's worth looking into strategies to keep your customers coming back to your business.

Plus, during the post-holiday slump, you have more time to invest in developing engagement campaigns that create revenue opportunities. So what are you waiting for?

Three Top Tricks Used by Leading Dealerships to Bring Back Customers

1) Create a Re-Engagement Campaign With an Incentive

Win back customers you haven't seen between one to two years (to respect the CASL and TCPA laws) by letting them know you've missed them and offering an incentive. Since the cold weather takes its tool on cars, use this to your advantage by offering a seasonal promotion like a free car inspection, battery check-up, or something similar. Then upsell your customer once they come in to redeem the offer.


  • Personalize your message with custom attributes to make your customers appreciate the extra attention.
  • Your incentive must be a great one to incite your customers to come back.
  • Follow usual text message best practices, like only sending your message during business hours, and including a clear call to action.

Message Templates


Please do not change any of the words in { curly brackets }. They will be replaced by your customer's or company's information.

You can change any of the words in [ square brackets ].

  • Hello { }, we've missed you! Get an appointment to get a FREE winter car inspection for a limited time. Reply YES to book. Your friends at { }.
  • Hi { }, it's been too long! From [Date] to [Date], get a FREE pair of windshield wipers with your next servicing appointment. Reply DEAL to set up an appointment. { }.
  • Hello { }, we haven't seen you in a while! Get a FREE battery check-up with your next appointment. Reply BATTERY to book now. { }

2) Create a Post-Sale Campaign with an Incentive

Don't miss the opportunity to provide your customers with excellent post-sale service that will have them coming back for more. Try creating an instant marketing campaign that targets customers who bought a car in the last six months, and offer them a free maintenance appointment.

Learn more about Instant Marketing Campaigns here

3) Take Charge of Your Online Reputation

Slower months mean you have more time to better manage your online reputation. Take a few moments to answer reviews and let your customers know you care about their feedback. Analyze what people are saying about your business, and make a plan to improve your customer experience before the busy season.

Remember, most people research online before committing to a business, so make sure that your online reputation is helping, not hurting your opportunities for new customers.

Learn more about Kimoby's Reviews feature here.

Target the Right Customer at the Right Time

Texting your customers is a privilege that you should not take lightly, since they can unsubscribe from your communications at any time. It is your responsibility to only contact them when you have a worthwhile message that will resonate with their needs. Always do your best to exceed customer expectations by providing exceptional service that is relevant and well-timed.

With Kimoby, it's easy to target the right customer at the right time, depending on each customer's situation. Whether they are due for a check-up, affected by a recall, or need updating on ongoing repairs, don't miss the opportunity to reach out to them to keep them engaged and loyal for years to come.