Setting Up Reviews

Collect timely, authentic, and emotional feedback on what your customers think about your business to increase engagement and take the customer experience to the next level. To get started with setting up the Reviews feature, all you have to do is access your company settings by selecting your name in the top right corner of your screen.

Quick Links


The Reviews page will display in the language your browser is currently in.

Private and Public Reviews

Under Feature Settings, select Reviews Sleep (72).

You can decide whether you want your customers to leave private or public reviews. You can set up an automatic thank you message whenever someone leaves a review. 

  • Private reviews allow your customers to rate how they would recommend your business out of 10. 
  • Public reviews allow your customer to leave a public review on your Facebook or Google business pages.

Connecting Reviews to Facebook and Google

You can connect your Reviews to your Facebook or Google business pages directly in Kimoby. Simply select the Connect to Google or Connect to Facebook button to merge your accounts. 

Once your accounts are connected to Kimoby, you can define when you want to offer your customers and contacts the opportunity to give you a public review of not. You can select from a list the conditions to display your public page. 

Customize Your Reviews Page

Make your Reviews page your own by choosing your page color and language settings.

  1. Choose your background and highlight colors.
  2. Select the pen Sleep (44) icon and pick the color you want.
  3. Then select Choose.

You can select the language of your review requests (English or French). When a customer taps on the links included in the review request, the message will appear depending on the language they've selected on their phone. If you want both languages, you need to check both boxes. If a customer's phone is set up in another language, the review request will be sent in the user account default language. 

  1. Customize the message that appears on the page to ask for a review.
  2. Select Show preview to see the page your customers will see.
  3. Once you're done, select Save changes.