Navigating Through the Reviews Interface

Reviews are a great way to improve your customer experience by proactively gathering feedback and acting on comments in real-time. Plus, you can take control of your online reputation and potentially attract new leads.

You can easily access your customer's reviews by selecting the Reviews tab on the left side of your screen. From there, you will be able to send a new review request, search for a review, and view your overall review score by provider. You can also filter your reviews by provider, ratings (score and stars), and view review replies.

From the Reviews page, you can quickly see which customer answered. By selecting their name, you can answer their review or leave an internal note for your colleague. If you answer a Google or Facebook review, your comment will appear on the respective website under your customer's review. 

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Replying to a Review

It's important to reply to public feedback about your company, whether good or bad. By engaging with your customers, you can show your commitment to improving their experience and appreciating their business.

By clicking on a specific Facebook or Google review, you can reply to that review or leave an internal note. Leaving an internal note can be useful when someone else on your team is better suited to reply to the review. 

  1. Select a saved reply to quickly answer your customer or contact. Select Reply.
  2. Your answer will appear on your Facebook or Google business page after your customer's review. Google only allows one reply per review. 
  3. You can then assign a review to a colleague by adding an internal note directly in the review. Select Note Sleep (50) to write a note.
  4. In the review, you can select the redirect Sleep (15)-1 button to go back to the original review.
Now you can reply to your reviews directly in Kimoby.