Navigating Through the Conversations Page

The Conversations interface enables you to send instant messages to your clients, including multimedia files, from your mobile device or desktop. By connecting directly with your customer on their mobile phone, you can send them information faster and answer their questions quickly, which creates a memorable and unique customer experience. Internally, you'll notice and increase in productivity and improved team collaboration.

The Conversations interface is the first screen you see when you log into the app.

User Section

On the left-hand side, you'll see all the messages sent to customers and your teams. To view conversations, click on your customer's name or your team.

When your team has immediate access to all of your customers' information, they'll spend less time waiting for answers and more in control of the customer experience. Updates to your conversations and customer information happen in real-time, so your business can move forward faster.

Conversation Section

The Conversation section has all of your customers' message history, which will always be accessible in Kimoby. Here, you can send instant messages to your customers and include text or multimedia files.

By personalizing each message with custom attributes, such as your customer's name, you can build a stronger connection that is unique and memorable. Using emojis can also help draw attention to your message and increase engagement. And finally, sending photos or videos builds trust and makes the customer feel more involved in the decision-making process when there's a need for repairs.

The Conversations interface also helps your team improve internal collaboration and efficiency. On the right-hand side of your screen, you can see and update the customer details directly. It's easy to find everything you're looking for when communicating with your customer. If you're a manager, you'll see an eye eye_unread icon next to a conversation to let you know if the message has been read. Therefore, as a manager, you can always follow up or reassign messages to make sure they're attended to. Nothing ever gets lost or deleted.

If any team members are absent, they can enable the Away Status and reassign their conversations to a colleague. That way, even when they are away, someone will keep the conversations going with customers.

Conversations are a powerful tool to establish an effective communication channel with customers. They empower your service department to provide personal, continuous, and contactless experience.