Mobile App FAQ

1. Can I send pictures and videos from my library?

Yes, you can send any multimedia document, including pictures, videos and files. You can even take a picture or video directly from a message to send it to a customer.

2. Do I need an access to Kimoby to login the app?

Yes. Here are our different plans.

3. How much does the app costs?

The app is free! You can download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

4. If I send text messages from the app, will that affect my text message limit with my phone carrier?

No, it will not affect your SMS limit. In fact, you are sending the messages with your Kimoby's company phone number.

5. Does the app require an Internet connection?

Yes, it requires a connection to Internet.

6. Will it use the available data on my phone?

Yes, unless you are connected on your wifi.

7. What can I access from the mobile app?

Your conversations, customer profiles, appointments and all of your accounts related to your email.

You can send messages, write internal notes and tag other users, send payment requests, view a customer's activity, etc.

8. Will it use my personal cell phone number or email?

No, as long as you stay in the Kimoby app, it will not use your personal phone number or email.

9. Will I have access to my different accounts from the app?

Yes. You can easily switch from one account to another.

10. What happens if I force quit the app?

Force quitting the app will simply close the app. You can remain logged in your current session.


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