Messages FAQ

Can I send messages to international phone numbers?

No. Right now, you can only send messages to phone numbers inside Canada and the US.

Can I receive messages from international phone numbers?

No. There have been instances where some dealers were able to receive messages internationally, but this is not reliable and likely unintentional. Officially, you can only receive messages from Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico.

If I’m a dealer in the US, can I send messages to a customer in Canada, and vice versa?

Yes. However, it is recommended to have a Toll-Free phone number, especially if you intend to have a high volume of international messages. Otherwise, your customers may have to pay extra fees if their cell phone plans don't include cross-border SMS. 

If you would like to obtain a Toll-Free phone number, please contact support.

Can I unsend a message?

No. Due to limitations with SMS texting, messages cannot be unsent. Messages are sent through a network via cell towers and are, unfortunately, impossible to retrieve.