Introducing Kimoby Pay

Today's customers demand instant, easy-to-use services that make their lives better. Kimoby Pay is an instant mobile payment solution that offers just that. Plus, it is contactless and equipped with fraud prevention features that help keep your customers and business safe. Your staff will also benefit by saving time when processing payments and enjoying simple end-of-day reconciliation. 

Kimoby Pay is an essential tool in providing exceptional customer service and creating an efficient payment process. By offering a reliable mobile payment option to your customers, your business will stimulate sales, streamline operations, and make better use of the resources you already have. 

The Benefits

  • Customers can view and settle their payments from their phones within seconds.
  • Customers always have a copy of their invoices on their phones for easy access.
  • You can save time by automating payment requests based on specific events.
  • It eliminates cashier lineups, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • It is secure and reliable, with fraud-preventing features.
  • Gives you in-depth data on your daily payment operation.
  • It is contactless.

The Procedure

  • Easy to install, with no hardware necessary.
  • No initial fees.
  • Simply enter your banking. information to get paid today.

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