Introducing Automations

Save time by triggering text messages based on rules, timeframes, and customer activity using the data you already have in your Kimoby's account. By automating repetitive communication tasks, your team will reduce the number of calls, decrease no-shows, increase your CSI score, and more. Using automations is an easy way for your team to work more efficiently.

There are four types of automations to choose from:

  1. General: Sent based on your set of customized rules regarding customers, events, messages, etc. 
  2. Appointment reminder: Sent prior to an appointment to remind customers about their upcoming appointment. Customers can reply for last minute inquiries, more information, or to reschedule their appointment.
  3. Payment request: Sent to request payments with Kimoby Pay. Customers can pay instantly from their mobile phones and enjoy a contactless, safe payment process.
  4. Review request: Sent to encourage your customers to easily review your business. Manage your online reputation and attract new clients.

Creating preset automations and messages is easy. You can also track the performance of your automations to:

  • view all automation workflows
  • analyze the performance
  • see who received the messages, who didn't, and who replied
  • view all previously sent automation messages.

Set up your automations today and benefit instantly from working smarter.

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