Getting Started With Automations

Work smarter to reduce workload by automating repetitive communication tasks. Using automations helps your team decrease the number of outbound and inbound calls, reduce no-shows, and increase your business' CSI score, amongst many other benefits. Saving time and resources for more value-added tasks has never been easier.

Quick Links

Creating an Automation

Send automatic messages triggered based on a particular event.

  1. Select Automations Sleep (32) on the left side of your screen.
  2. Select New automation

Choose Name and Automation Type

  1. Name your automation in the Name box.
  2. Select the type of automation message:
    • General: Sent based on your set of customized rules regarding customers, events, messages, etc. With this option, you may also choose to see your results with the sentiment analysis.
    • Appointment reminders: Sent to allow your customers to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment prior to the scheduled date.
    • Payment requests: Send payment requests automatically with Kimoby Pay.
    • Review request: Send review requests automatically to leverage the power of social proof and take control of your online reputation.
  3. Select Next.

Assign Replies

  1. Choose the user who will be receiving the automation's responses. You can also select users who will be notified when a customer replies (for example, management). 
  2. Select Next.

Please note that with any "general" automations, you can turn the emotion detection on, and Kimoby will automatically sort positive and negative responses to help you spot service issues and prioritize follow-ups.

Target Customers

To target customers in an automation or a group, you'll need to choose different rules.


You can select each of the following four categories that will be based upon the information that you have in your Kimoby database:

  • Appointment
  • Customer
  • Message received
  • Message sent

Depending on your integration and your field of activity, you'll be able to select different categories bases on events to build your automation or group.


The attribute pinpoints what your category will be related to. In other words, it's whatever data you are trying to pull to create your list of customers targeted by your automation or group.

  • Date
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Etc.

For the Appointment and Customer categories under attributes, you'll be able to select the custom attributes for your account.


This applies logic rules to determine and select what you want (similar to the logic rules you would use in a spreadsheet program).

  • Contains/does not contain
  • Is/is not/is unknown
  • Etc.


This is where you enter the exact value that you would like Kimoby to match your customers with.


A rule is the exact criteria customers need to satisfy to be targeted by your automation or group. A sub-rule is complementary to the fixed rule that was set up.

If you have an automation with four rules, customers will need to match all four rules to be targeted. However, if you have an automation with one rule and three sub-rules, customers will need to match any one of those sub-rules to be targeted.

Click here for more information on setting up rules specific to each situation.

Set up as many rules as you want for your automation. You'll be able to see how many customers your automation will reach.

Create a Message

  1. Enter your automation's message. 
  2. You'll see a preview of your message and you'll be able to send a test message to the cell phone number of your choice.
  3. Select Next.

Set a Delivery Time

  1. Choose the date and time to send your automation. You can either send your message once per day by checking for matching customers every day or send in real-time by checking for matching customers every few minutes.
  2. Select Create.

Throughout the setup process, you can go back to each step before saving your automation.

Activating an Automation from the Library

The automation library has various automation templates and messages that you can use and customize.

  1. Select Automations Sleep (32) on the left side of your screen.
  2. Select Automation library Sleep (30)
  3. Select the automation that you'd like to create. You can use the same title or edit it. 
  4. Choose a message. You'll be able to edit it later.
  5. Select Create
  6. Choose the user who will receive your automation's replies. 
  7. Select Next.
  8. If needed, edit the rules, the message, and/or the delivery time and select Create
  9. Click on Yes, activate the automation.