The Reason Text Messages Are Limited to 160 Characters

Why would anyone need more than 160 characters to express anything?

In 1985, in his home in Bonn, Friedhelm Hillebrand, a German engineer then chairman of the non-voice services committee for the Global System for Mobile Communications Standard, conducted experiments to determine the length needed for text messages. He sat at his typewriter, tapping out random sentences and questions on a sheet of paper, and found that 160 characters was "perfectly sufficient" to communicate most thoughts.

Kimoby beats the 160-characters limit. How?

Whenever needed, Kimoby makes it totally possible to send text messages that are much longer than Hillebrand's magic number, 160 characters. When you send an extra long message of over 160 characters, the message is broken down into multiple parts before being dispatched to the recipient’s phone. However, the vast majority of cell phone carriers nowadays will join the multiple message parts together and present a single message for the recipient to read and enjoy.