Kimoby Pay FAQ

Kimoby Pay is a fast and easy way to settle your invoices. Learn more about the simple payment solution with our frequently asked questions, below.

Payment Processes

1. What payment types are available?

Kimoby Pay allows your clients to pay by credit card and in some instances, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We support Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, UnionPay, Discover, JCB and Diners Club credit cards as well as Visa and Mastercard debit cards.

2. Does Kimoby Pay affect the rest of my business' payment processing?

No, Kimoby Pay is independent of your physical Point of Sales (POS) services and connects directly to your bank account. It won't change your payment routine, but it will allow you to receive payments through a new channel, by text message, so that your clients can pay online whenever and wherever they like. They won't have to come into your business once they've paid online.

3. When does Kimoby Pay transfer money into my account?

When a payment is processed, you will receive the full amount of the transaction the next business day in the United States and in Canada on a rolling basis. You will be changed the transaction fees on a daily basis.

4. How do I handle disputes?

You'll work directly with Kimoby to handle any disputes and refund requests. Click here to learn how to cancel a payment request or refund a customer. However, Kimoby is by no means liable for conflicts between you and your clients concerning an amount, non-payment, or any other billing-related issue (See sections 3-4 of Kimoby Pay's Account Agreement)

5. How do I keep track of all these transactions?

Your Kimoby Pay menu lets you view payments and customers, manage refunds, transfers to your account, and more. Log in here


1. Is Kimoby Pay secure and PCI compliant?

Kimoby Pay's infrastructure is provided by Stripe and Spreedly. They are audited by a PCI-certified auditor and certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 (highest level of certification available). You can learn more about the technical details of this infrastructure here.

2. Will fraudulent payments or cards be rejected?

Kimoby provides several tools to minimize fraud losses and help businesses determine if a transaction is fraudulent. They allow Kimoby to auto-reject suspicious transactions and send notifications when questionable charges are raised. Additionally, Stripe, our service provider, works with its financial partners and credit card networks to monitor fraud globally. Here is more information on Stripe.