It Doesn't Matter How Many Phone Numbers your DMS Contains

Whether you have a lot of mobile phone numbers in your DMS or not, it doesn't matter.

With Kimoby, you will be able to gather that information in order to communicate more efficiently with your customers.

Not only will your staff need to keep in mind that Kimoby enables you to communicate with your customer through text messaging but, in the end, you will gain information and insights on your customers by asking them questions to complete their profile.

In fact, if you have 20 appointments in a day, and only 10% of your customers have a cell phone number in your DMS, you can ask the rest of your customers for their cell phone number while they are coming in for their appointment.

For example: 

Out of 20 appointments, only 2 customers have a cell phone number in your DMS.

Which means that 18 customers coming in for their appointment are potential customers that you could communicate with through text messages.

If half of those 18 customers give you their mobile phone number, you could get 2,327 mobile phone numbers a year!

So don't hesitate to ask for mobile phone numbers, not only does 91% of people who text prefer it over voicemail but, 64% of customers would rather text your business than having to call.