Examples of Maintenance Reminder Messages

Here are a few examples of maintenance reminder messages that you can send to your customers. Simply copy and paste the message in your conversations.


Do not change any of the words in { curly brackets }, as they will be replaced by your customer and company information.

Change the words in [squared brackets], according to the desired information.

  • Hello { customer.name }, according to our records, your last vehicle maintenance was [ ENTER TIME PERIOD, ex: 6 months] ago. Contact us by replying APP to this message, or by calling { company.phone_number } and we'll be pleased to give you an appointment. Looking forward to seeing you, { company.name }.
  • Hi { customer.name }! We haven’t seen you at { company.name } in a while and wanted to reconnect with a special offer. Get a FREE multipoint inspection for your vehicle for a limited time! To book your appointment, reply YES or call us { company.phone_number }. Have a great day!
  • Hello { customer.name }, we haven't seen you in a while. Does your vehicle need a maintenance? If so, reply SERVICE to this message and we'll offer you various schedule options. Looking forward to seeing you, { company.name }.
  • Dear { customer.name }, we hope you are continuously enjoying your experience at { company.name }. As per our records, your { customer.vehicle } is due for its next maintenance. If you haven’t serviced your vehicle in the past twelve months, contact us by replying to this message, or by calling { company.phone_number }. { company.name }