Examples of Campaign Messages

Here are a few examples of messages you can use to send marketing campaigns. Simply copy and paste the message into your conversations.


Do not change any of the words in { curly brackets }, as they will be replaced by your customer and company information.

Change the words in [squared brackets], according to the desired information.

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Seasonal Tire Change Reminders

Message customers to remind them to swap and store their tires.

  • Hello { customer.name }, it’s now time to get your seasonal tire change! Reply TIRE to book an appointment and we will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Spring is here, which means sunny days and time to swap out those winter tires! I would be happy to help you book an appointment to change your tires at { company.name }. Text SUN to book now!

  • An easy way to get rewarded! Have your winter tires installed before October 31 and receive 1 free season of tire storage. Text TIRE to book an appointment at { company.name } today. This offer expires on Nov 1, 2023.

  • Hi { customer.name }! Stay ahead of the curve this winter with a tire swap appointment at { company.name }. Store your summer tires with us for safekeeping and enjoy peace of mind on the road. Reply YES to book an appointment.

  • Hi { customer.name }! Don't let winter weather catch you off guard! Book your tire change appointment today with { company.name }  by replying TIRE for peace of mind on the road. 

Recall Notifications 

Use Kimoby's data-matching capabilities to target customers affected by recalls. Quickly send them the information they need to book an appointment for an inspection. 

  • Hello { customer.name }, a recall by the manufacturer has been issued on your vehicle { customer.meta_vehicle_model }, vin number {customer.meta_vehicle_vin}. Reply RECALL to book an appointment or NO if you no longer own that vehicle. Thank you!

  • Hello { customer.name }, A recall by the manufacturer has been issued on your vehicle {customer.meta_vehicle_model }, vin number {customer.meta_vehicle_vin } for [add recall information]. Reply RECALL to book an appointment or call us at { company.phone_number }.Thank you!

  • Hello { customer.name }, This is an important message from { company.name }. Your  { customer.meta_vehicle_year } { customer.meta_vehicle_make } { customer.meta_vehicle_model } has an outstanding recall. Please reply APP if you would like us to contact you to book an appointment. This service is free of charge. Thank you and have a great day!

  • { customer.name } - urgent recall notice on { customer.meta_vehicle_model }, vin number {customer.meta_vehicle_vin}. At { company.name }, we want to make the process quick and easy for you. Reply RECALL to book an appointment or call us at { company.phone_number }. Thank you! 

End-of-Lease Reminders

Let customers know when their end-of-lease is approaching and offer them a special offer to renew with you.

  • Hi { customer.name }! Friendly reminder that your end-of-lease on your { customer.meta_vehicle_year } { customer.meta_vehicle_make } { customer.meta_vehicle_model } is fast approaching. I have an offer that could interest you. Reply OFFER to learn more. { company.name }

  • Your lease is coming to an end soon, { customer.name }! Upgrade to a new vehicle with our special offer: [offer details]. Reply OFFER to renew and take advantage of this limited time offer with { company.name }. Until soon!

  • Time flies when you're behind the wheel! Your lease end is approaching, and we here at { company.name } have a special offer just for you. Reply LEASE for more details or call us at { company.phone_number }.

  • Ready for an upgrade { customer.name }? Now's the perfect time since you're almost at the end of your lease! Reply LEASE to book an appointment and we’ll get you a new set of wheels.

Warranty Expiration Alerts

Remind customers that their warranty is ending soon and let them know their options.

  • Hi { customer.name }! Your Vehicle model’s warranty is ending soon. I have an irresistible offer I’d like to share. Reply YES to learn more. Thank you!

  • Your vehicle warranty is about to expire! Make sure you're protected on the road with { company.name }'s extended warranty options. Reply MORE for more information or call us at  { company.phone_number }.

  • { customer.name }, don't let your vehicle warranty run out! At { company.name }, we offer a variety of options to extend your coverage. Reply INFO to know your options. 

Limited-Time Offer Announcements

Message your customers when you have an exciting offer they could be interested in. 

  • Hi { customer.name }! As one of our valued customers, I wanted to let you know first about our HUGE tire blow-out. Reply TIRE for details on the sale. Your friends at {company.name}

  • Hi { customer.name }! For a limited time, we are offering free wipers at { company.name } if you book a servicing appointment within the next month. Interested? Reply YES to book an appointment.

  • Don’t miss your chance to save big and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Book your next tire rotation appointment with us at {company.name} and receive [discount or free item]. Reply SAVE to book an appointment.

  • { customer.name }, { company.name } has a special offer just for you. Book your next oil change with us and receive [discount or free item]. Reply APP to book your appointment and take advantage of this offer. 

Special Event Invitations

Promote a huge end-of-year sale for VIP customers only.

  • Hi { customer.name }! As a VIP customer, you’re invited to an exclusive friends and family event at { company.name }. Join us for top deals, contests, and prizes! Reply RSVP to get on the list.

  • VIP alert! { company.name } is hosting an exclusive end-of-year event just for our valued customers. Take advantage of huge discounts and limited-time offers. Reply RSVP to secure your spot. 

Customer Reengagement

Reach out to customers who haven't been by your business in some time.

  • Hi { customer.name }! We haven’t seen you at { company.name } in a while and wanted to reconnect with a special offer. Get a FREE multipoint inspection for your vehicle for a limited time! To book your appointment, reply YES or call us { company.phone_number }. Have a great day!

  • Hello { customer.name }, we haven't seen you in a while. Does your vehicle need maintenance? If so, reply SERVICE to this message and we'll offer you various schedule options. Looking forward to seeing you at { company.name }!

  • Hello { customer.name }, according to our records, your last vehicle maintenance was [ ENTER TIME PERIOD, ex: 6 months] ago. Contact us by replying APP to this message, or by calling { company.phone_number } and we'll be pleased to give you an appointment. Looking forward to seeing you, { company.name }.

  • It’s time to reconnect! { company.name } would love to see you again and catch up on all that’s new. Come back for a service appointment and receive [discount or free item]. Reply PROMO to schedule your next visit.