Sending a Review Request

You can send private review requests to your customers in a new message.

Private reviews allow your customers and contacts to rate, out of 10, how much they would recommend your business. They will also have the option to make more detailed comments.

  1. Click on Send review request.
  2. Enter your customer name or phone number.
  3. Select a saved reply from the library, to ask for a review.
  4. To send the message click Send.

Your customers will receive the review request as a link in a text message.

When clicking on the link, they will be redirected to a web page, where they can leave a private review.

Once they complete the review, give them the opportunity to make more detailed comments and even leave a review on your Facebook business page. Refer to our Setting Reviews article in the Help Center.

Your customer review will appear:

  • In the Customer profile in the All activities tab in Kimoby;

  • In the Reviews tab in the customer profile;

  • On your Facebook and Google business pages if the review was public.