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Porting a Phone Number to Kimoby

If you wish to port a number to Kimoby, you will need the following for us to complete your request.

Keep in mind that, porting a phone number is a process that can take up to four weeks depending on the type of number you are porting and the country the number is located in.

Letter of Authorization (LOA)

You will need to complete our Letter of Authorization. You will find to link to the PDF below.

Here are the informations you need to provide :

  1. First name, last name and business name (if the service is in your company's name).
  2. Service address on file with the current carrier (physical location only, cannot be a PO box).
  3. List all the phone numbers you wish to change from your current phone service provider to Kimoby. During this time, do not close your account with your carrier and keep your numbers active.
  4. Sign and date the Letter of Authorization.

Latest monthly phone bill

You will also need to send us a copy of your latest monthly phone bill, which needs to include the phone numbers you wish to port to Kimoby.

If your provider does not provide you with a bill, please provide a receipt of phone number purchase and/or a screenshot of your account portal with the phone numbers included.

You can send us all documents to the following email : support@kimoby.com

Letter of Authorization (LOA).pdf