Kimoby Pay’s Fraud-Prevention Feature

The fraud-prevention feature in Kimoby Pay can help you evaluate the risk level of online transactions, and take the necessary steps to avoid a possible scam. 

Once the transaction is complete, a potentially fraudulent buyer will be flagged on the invoice with an orange medium-risk banner or red high-risk banner. 

A medium-risk alert means one or more security checks fell through. Proceed with caution, and make sure to properly verify the customer’s information. 

A high-risk alert points to compelling evidence that this is a fraudulent transaction. There are clear discrepancies in the customer’s information, and we recommend refunding this transaction to avoid a scam. 

Note that there are no alerts for low-risk transactions, but no transaction is risk-free. The best way to avoid fraud is to prevent it, and remaining vigilant for all online payments will help keep your business safe.

In-app alerts

An orange or red banner will indicate the level of risk of the invoice.

A red or orange icon will appear beside a transaction that is considered to have a high or medium fraud risk.

Click learn more for the next steps. A pop-up will appear with a verification checklist.

If there is any discrepancy in the buyer’s details, consider refunding the order. For a high-risk transaction, take the additional step of confirming the buyer’s identity in person by asking for a government-issued ID that matches the information from the payment method.

Issuing a refund 

If any online payment seems suspicious, issuing a refund is the best course of action. Find out how to issue a refund here.

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