Suggested Tools to Take Pictures & Videos with the Mobile App

To take quality pictures and videos through the mobile app, Kimoby recommends that you equip your team with proper technological tools. Having the right tools will help you protect your brand image by delivering constant quality material, but it will also help in standardizing the pictures and videos that are sent. 

Kimoby also recommends that you have a dedicated staff member in charge of taking your pictures and videos. This can help ensure the good maintenance of your equipment and provide constant high-quality multimedia files.

Suggested tools

We recommend that you invest in the following 3 tools. A link has been shared for each as a suggestion only. Kimoby does not demand the purchase of these products, we are sharing the links as examples only.

Device to take pictures & videos 

Any device that has an integrated camera and is compatible with Wi-Fi can be used to take your pictures and videos. 


Noise-cancelling earphones will help block the surrounding sound when recording.

Smartphone stabilizer

Take hands-free pictures and videos. Keep your device steady to create professional results. 

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