Exporting customer lists

You can export customer lists in Excel or CSV files. 

Include all your customers or add a filter to include only customers that don't have a cellphone or that have unsubscribed. 

For unsubscribed customers, you can create your lists by choosing a specific date range.

  1. Click on the Customers tab.  
  2. Click on Export under New customer, at the top left corner of your screen. 
  3. Filter your selection between All, Without cellphone and Unsubscribed customers. 
  4. For Unsubscribed customers, choose whether you want all unsubscribed customers or only those that have unsubscribed during a specific time range. 
  5. Choose if you want your list to be exported in an Excel (XLSX) or CSV file.
  6. Click on Export list

You will receive an email including your new customer list. 

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