Activating the Reference Autocomplete in a Payment Request

You can activate the reference autocomplete in Kimoby Pay. 

This will allow you to enter an invoice reference number and have Kimoby fill the payment request amount automatically.

  • Click on Kimoby Pay, on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on Settings, in the sub-menu, on the left side of your screen.
  • In the reference complete section, choose the position, reference attribute and amount attribute.
  • Click on Save changes.
  • When entering a reference number in a payment request, you will see a drop down menu and you will be able to select the right amount to autocomplete the field.

According to your integration, you might have to choose different options. Here are the options:

IntegrationEvent typeReference attributeAmount attribute
CDKRepair order openedReferenceCustomer total amount
Reynolds and ReynoldsRepair order openedReferenceCustomer sale
PBSRepair order openedReferenceCustomer total amount
SertiRepair order closedReferenceRepair order price
AutomateRepair order openedAppointmentTotal customer pay
ProtractorRepair order closedInvoice numberCustomer sale total
DealertrackRepair order openedReferenceCustomer total amount
DealervueRepair order closedReferenceCustomer total amount
AutosoftRepair order closedReferenceCustomer total amount
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