Vehicle ready messages examples


Do not change any of the words highlighted in blue, in { curly brackets }, they will be replaced by your customer and/or company's information.

Change the words highlighted in yellow, in [ square brackets ], according to the desired information.

Here are a few examples of maintenance messages that you can send to your customers. 

Simply copy and paste the desired message in your conversation.

Vehicle ready messages :

Hello { }, I would like to let you know that your vehicle is ready for pick up. Contact us by replying to this message or calling us at { company.phone_number }. Thank you! { }

Hello { }, your vehicule is ready for pick up. Thank you { }.

Hello { }, I would like to let you know that your { customer.meta_vehicle_make }{ customer.meta_vehicle_model } is ready. If you want to receive a copy of your invoice, reply INVOICE to this message. You can pick up your vehicle at any time. Thank you!

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