Creating a vehicle ready automation


This automation is only available for customers that have a certified integration with CDK.

You can set up an automation to let your customers know that their vehicle is ready for pick up.

  • Go to the automation section, on the left side of your screen. 
  • Click on New automation.

Choose name

  • Choose the name of your automation: Car ready.
  • Click on Send an automation after an event.
  • Click on Next.

Assign replies

  • Choose the user you want to assign the automation responses to. 
  • Make sure to check the Automatically assign replies based on the attribute "user reference" box.
  • You can also alert specific user and have notifications sent to them.
  • Click on Next.

Target customers

Rule 1

  • Select the category of your automation: Repair order opened.
  • Select the attribute: Ro status code.
  • Select the operator: Is. 
  • Enter a value: C97.
  • Click on Add new rule.

Rule 2

  • Select the category of your automation: Repair order opened.
  • Select the attribute: Last time.
  • Select the operator: Exactly.
  • Enter a value: 0 days ago.
  • Click on Next.

Create message

  • Write the message you want to send with your automation. Here are a few examples here.
  • You will see a preview of your message and you can send a test to the number you want. 
    • To send a test message to the number you want, Click on the Send test message to... box.
    • Enter a valid cell phone number.
    • Click on Test now.
    • Go to the mobile phone you sent a test message to.
    • Open your text message inbox and you will see the test message.
  • Click on Next.

Set delivery time

  • Click on Set in real time so that every time a customer matches your rules, he will get the message. 
  • Set the hours and days for which you will send your message. 
  • Click on Create automation.
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