Sending a test message when creating automations and campaigns

When you are creating a automation or a campaign, in the Create message step, you can send a test message to the number of your choice. 

That way, you will be able to see how your message will appear on a cell phone.

  • In the Create message step, click in the Send test message to... box.
  • Enter the number of your choice, where the test message will be sent to. Make sure you are not texting a customer and that you are using your own phone or a colleague's phone.
  • Click on Test now.
  • Go to the mobile phone you sent a test message to. 
  • Open your text message inbox and you will see the test message.

The test message might not contain your own information if you are using custom attributes in your message, Kimoby will take any targeted customer as an example to send your test message.

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