Understanding Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are matched with various data that you have on your customers.

They can be useful to send messages with personalized information about each customer.

There are 3 categories of custom attributes: Appointments, Customers and Events.

They are then broken into 4 different types of attributes: 

An array is a group of words. 

For example, if you want to note all the previously owned vehicles by a customer, you can regroup all his vehicles in that array.

Any type of date will fall into this type of attribute, such as the last oil change date, etc.
This attribute also requires a time-frame.

A number has to be a whole number, such as the number of visits, the vehicle year, etc.

A string is formed of characters, such as names, vehicle models, etc.

You can view all your custom attributes by going into your company settings.

  • Click on your name, at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on Company settings.
  • Click on Custom attributes in the sub-menu, on the left side of your screen.
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