Managing your Plan

If you wish to upgrade, add users or add targeted campaigns to your plan, you can do so in the Billing page.

  • Click on your name, at the top corner, on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on Billing.
  • Click on Manage plan, at the top of your screen.
  • Under Upgrade Plan, you will see your current plan and which upgrades are available for you. 
  • Under Add ons, you can increase your account's user limit and add targeted campaigns. And, under Included, you will see what is included in your plan.
  • After making changes, click on Upgrade Plan.

If you upgrade your plan, your billing cycle will be changed according to the date of the upgrade.

If you change your add ons, such as the user limit and targeted campaigns, you'll continue on the same billing cycle and your current invoice will include a prorated charge of your add ons. Plus, as soon as the change is made in your account, you will automatically receive an invoice with the details of the charge.

Your next invoice will include the full amount.

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