Using the away status

You can switch the away mode on when leaving on vacation or unavailable to carry out conversations with customers.

Not only will it help you keep track of every incoming messages if a member of your team is away but, your customers will feel like you are aware of what is going on and that you are taking care of them no matter the changes in your team.

As soon as your away status is turned on, a yellow message bubble will appear in your account, in the center, at the top of your screen, as a reminder in case you are available and forget to turn it off.

You can also automatically reassign all new conversations to a teammate and/or specify the expected date of return, if known, and the away status will be turned off at that date.

Even if you have turned on your away status, you can always access the app and do every action possible.

Everywhere your name is featured throughout the app, your name will appear in yellow with a small clock right next to it. If This will be viewed by all the users in your account so that they can be aware that you are not available.

By going over the yellow clock with your mouse, a yellow bubble will appear and if you have assigned your conversations to another user and/or have a return date, it will be displayed.

Turn on the away status

  • Click on your name, at the top right corner of your screen. 
  • Click on Your settings
  • Scroll down to the Away status section.
  • Turn ON your away mode when needed. 
  • You can assign your conversations to the user of your choice. If left blank, your conversations will remain assigned to you and you will able to answer your messages upon your return. 
    • If you assign all your conversations to another user that is away as well, the conversations will remain assigned to the same user and not the next assignee. 
    • If you send a message to a customer while being on away mode from the conversation section, the customer will remain assigned to you.
  • You can also select the date of your return. If left blank, you will remain away until turned OFF.
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