Viewing how many times a link was clicked in your campaign

When creating a campaign, if you have a clickable link in your message, you can see how many times that link was clicked by your customers.

In fact, links can be used in your campaign messages for various reasons : 

  • To send an application form online
  • To send to your website address for any features promotions
  • To send a link to your schedule to book appointments for recall purposes
  • Etc.

It is useful to know how many times your link was clicked to see if your campaign was effective and was able to make your customers take the action you want them to.

  • Go to the campaign section,
  • Click on the campaign for which you wish to view how many times your customers clicked on the link in your message,
  • At the top of your screen, you will see the details of your campaign and Link clicks with the number of times a link was clicked on.
  • For each customer that your campaign was sent to, you will also see how many times customers have clicked on the link. 

Keep in mind that, the number of times a link is clicked is recorded and not the number of customers who did. 

You can also filter all customers who clicked on the link by using the filter Link clicks on the left side of your screen.

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