Receiving an Acknowledgement when Sending a Message

When sending messages to your customers, it is only possible to receive an acknowledgement from the carrier that the message sent was received on your customer's phone.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to see if the customer has read your text message or not. 

Here are a few error messages examples that you can find in Kimoby that warn about undelivered messages.

In the appointment section

In the automation section

In the conversation section

Directly following a message that you have sent in a conversation with your customer, a red message error might appear.

An error occurred while sending your message. Please try again.

For all previous sections, the error message means that the phone carrier was not able to deliver the message. It could be an error with the phone number, a canceled phone number, etc.

You can also filter your message status to regroup the errors so you know who needs to be contacted through a different communication channel. 

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