Lease end notifications and contract renewals

Directly in EasyDeal, you can send various renewals.

Either at the end of a contract, at the loss of a contrat, at the end of a guarantee, following a credit check, etc. by clicking on Follow-up by SMS, you will send the desired content to your customers and will be able to pursue the conversation in Kimoby. 

You can read this article to find out how sending SMS messages from EasyDeal works.

Messages examples :


Do not change any of the words highlighted in blue, in { curly brackets }, they will be replaced by your customer and/or company's information.

Change the words highlighted in yellow, in [ square brackets ], according to the desired information.

Here are a few examples of renewal messages that you can send to your clients.

Simply copy and paste the desired example in your message.

Hello { }. Your contract ends on [ contract end date ]. Please contact us to discuss possible options. The { } team.

Hello { }. Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to do business together but know that our service department is the best in town and that you will be welcome there. Thank you, the { } team.

Hello { }, your vehicle warranty will expire soon. Come to see us at { } to discuss options.

Hello { }, has something changed in your financial situation that could allow us to try a credit application for a new vehicle? If you think so, contact the { } team.

Hello { }! For the best service in town, don’t hesitate to contact your authorized dealership { }.

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