Fixing errors in an import

Throughout Kimoby, you can make imports for various purposes. 

You can add customers, appointments or groups with an import. 

It is possible to fix various errors during the import process instead of starting again or deleting the current import. 

  • Click on your name at the right top corner of your screen.
  • Click on Imports
  • Click on New import to start the import.
  • Click on Import customers.
  • Drag and drop your excel sheet in the File the box or click on browse your files to attach it from your computer files.
  • Wait for the import to be completed.
  • Click on Create import.

As soon as you create your import, you will be redirected in your import's page. 

For all of your columns, you will need to identify and match your excel file's information with Kimoby's attributes.

  • Click on the Belongs to drop-down menu, on the right of every column.
  • Choose the category of the information of each column. 
  • Click on Import

While processing your import, Kimoby will detect any errors in your file. 

The errors will be displayed and, in red, you will be able to see and edit where the error is coming from. 

When fixed, each error will be displayed in green. 

  • Click on Continue
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