Navigating Through Kimoby Pay

In Kimoby Pay, you will find different sections.

  • Click on the credit card icon on the left side of your screen to go to the Kimoby Pay section.
  • You will see a sub-menu, on the left side of your screen. 


You will see all the invoices you sent through Kimoby. 

You can:

  • Search for an invoice by amount, customer and reference number. 
  • Select a date to find an invoice.
  • Select a range of the total amount of your invoices.
  • Filter invoices between unpaid, paid, refunded and voided. 


You will see all the scheduled and completed deposits and their expected or deposited dates.

You can click on the amount of your choice to see the details of the amount. 

You will see the status of the deposit, the deposit summary and the details of each transaction included in the deposit.

The completed deposits are displayed exactly the same, with the addition of the bank in which the amount has been deposited to. 


In the settings, you have all your information regarding your Kimoby account's request

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