Refunding a Customer

With Kimoby Pay, you have the option to do a full or partial refund for any invoice. 

  1. Open the customer's conversation or profile.
  2. Click on the invoice card that you want to refund.
  3. Click on Refund
  4. Click on either Full Refund or Partial Refund with the amount that needs to be refunded. You can refund an invoice as many times as you'd like until the balance of the invoice is of 0$.

As soon as an invoiced has been refunded, the invoice card will display Refunded, whether it was fully or partially refunded.

You can either find the invoice in your customer's conversation or profile or on the Kimoby Pay home page.  

Also, the exact amount of the invoice and refund will be displayed on the invoice card and on your invoice. 

If you process a refund two or seven open business days before the funds are transferred to your bank account, according to your country, the deposit linked to your payment will update accordingly. If the amount to be deposited becomes 0$, no deposit will be made.

Negative deposits

Each deposit reflects your available account balance at the time it was created. In some cases, you may have a negative account balance. For instance, if you receive 100$ in payment but have refunded 200$, your account balance would be -100. If no further payments are received to balance out the negative amount, Kimoby creates a bank transfer that debits your bank account.

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