Setting up Kimoby Pay-As-You-Go

Kimoby Pay's installation is quick to deploy and doesn’t require any initial investments. You simply have to enter your banking information to start receiving deposits. 

  1. Click on the credit card icon on the left side of your screen to go to the Kimoby Pay section.
  2. In the sub-menu, click on Settings.
  3. Fill in the fields to request Kimoby Pay.

There are 4 different sections you need to complete.

  • Business details
    • Here is more information on your business number, in Canada (BIN) and United States (EIN).
  • Personal details
    • Significant shareholder, able to sign in the name of your company. 
    • Your SIN is optional but strongly recommended. Kimoby asks for your SIN because it allows us to streamline parts of the identification process so that you can start running charges immediately. For more information on why you should provide your SIN, read our FAQ questions 5 and 6
  • Customer billing statement
    • This information will be shown on your customers’ credit card statements.

  • Banking information
    • Your funds will be deposited into this bank account.

After clicking on Complete account set up, your request will be reviewed before being approved. You will get a confirmation email in your inbox to let you know that your Kimoby Pay account was accepted.

If more information is required to complete your account request, you will receive a list of all the required information or documents by email. You will be able to add this information directly in the Kimoby Pay settings.

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