Navigating in a customer profile

In a customer profile, you will find different sections.

Contact information

Located on the left side of your screen, you will see all the contact information on your customer. 

You can:

All activities

On top of your screen, you will see different tabs, starting with All activities. In that tab, every activities related to that customer will be reunited there. 

You can also see more specific activity in the next tabs.


In Conversations, you will see all the conversations you had with the customer. They will be divided by sessions that were opened and closed so, you will be able to see if the customer has an ongoing conversation with you or any of your users


In Appointments, you will see the appointments of your customer. You will also see the status of the appointments


In Events, you will see the repair orders related to that customer. 


In Invoices, you will see all the invoices related to the customer with Kimoby Pay.


In Notes, you will see every note ever written about the customer. You are also able to add a note through that page. 

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