Creating an advisor introduction automation


This automation is only available for customers that have a certified integration with Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK and PBS.

You can set up an automation to introduce the advisor responsible for the customer's vehicle. 

In fact, not only will customers feel like you are taking care of them, but they will be able to contact you and follow the status of their vehicle. 

  • Go to the automation section, on the left side of your screen. 
  • Click on New automation.

Choose name

  • Choose the name of your automation: Introduction advisor.
  • Click on Send an automation after an event.
  • Click on Next.

Assign replies

  • Choose the user you want to assign the automation responses to. 
  • Make sure to check the Automatically assign replies based on the attribute "user reference" box.
  • You can also alert specific user and have notifications sent to them.
  • Click on Next.

Target customers

Rule 1

  • Select the category of your automation: Repair order opened.
  • Select the attribute: Last time.
  • Select the operator: Exactly. 
  • Enter a value: 0 days ago. 
  • Click on Next

Create message

  • Write the message you want to send with your automation. Here are a few examples here.
  • You will see a preview of your message and you can send a test to the number you want. 
    • To send a test message to the number you want, Click on the Send test message to... box.
    • Enter a valid cell phone number. 
    • Click on Test now
    • Go to the mobile phone you sent a test message to. 
    • Open your text message inbox and you will see the test message.
  • Click on Next.

Set delivery time

  • Click on Set in real time so that every time a customer matches your rules, he will get the message. 
  • Set the hours in which you will send your message. 
  • Click on Create automation
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