Creating a campaign

Creating campaigns are useful in order to contact the groups of customers you created such as these examples.

  • Click on Campaigns, on the left side of your screen. 
  • Click on New campaign.

At each step, you can click on Delete if you wish to delete your campaign.

Choose name

  • Choose the name of your campaign.
  • Click on Next.

Target customers

Your final list of customers reached by your campaign are the targeted customers minus the excluded ones. If someone is in both targeted and excluded customer, he will be excluded.

  • Set up the groups targeted for your campaign. 
    • On the left, you have all the available groups for target and exclusion. You can also Search for one or more groups in the search field. You can target which ever group you want and you can exclude any groups as well.
    • On the right, you have the targeted and excluded groups. 
    • Excluded groups are optional. For example, an excluded group could be a group of customers who don't want to be contacted through campaigns. 
  • You will be able to see how many customers will be reached with your campaign on the top right corner of your campaign screen.
  • Click on Next.

Assign replies

  • Choose the user you want to assign the campaign responses to. 
  • Click on Next.

Create message

  • Write the message you want to send with your campaign. Here are a few examples of campaign messages that you can send to your customers. 
  • You will see a preview of your message and you can send a test to the number you want. 
  • Click on Next.

Set delivery time

  • Set up the date and time you wish your campaign to be sent at. Your campaign can be sent in the future or right now.
  • You have to agree and accept the term and conditions.
  • Click on Schedule campaign

Throughout the whole set up, you can go back to each step before saving your automation. 

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