Joining Files in Conversations


A file cannot be sent on its own without a message.

Sending files to your customers can be helpful to send confirmation orders, invoices, quotes, estimates, etc.

Every time a paperclip is displayed, you are able to attach files to the conversation. You will see this paperclip in your customer's conversation, their appointment field, etc. You can even add files to the internal notes in each customer conversation. 

The paperclip works exactly the same as attachments in emails.

Also, heavier files will be sent as links. An Internet connection will therefore be required to open the links.

  • From any message box, click on the paperclip icon .
  • Select the file you want to send.
  • Choose the recipient and write your message.
  • Click on the paper plane icon to send your message.
  • From a new message or any ongoing conversation, click on the paperclip icon, above your keyboard.
  • Select the file you want to attach to your text message. It can be a photo, a video or a file.
  • Click on Write your message to write your text message or insert a saved reply.
  • Click on Send

You can also send pictures and images in your conversations.

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