Setting an Automated Appointment Reminder

Tips and tricks

An automated appointment reminder should be divided into two separate automations since two rules can apply for the same automation. 

If you're setting an automation reminder for one day prior to your customer's appointment, this means that you'll be sending a message, for example, on Monday for an appointment scheduled on Tuesday. Therefore, on Friday you should be sending reminders for the following Monday, and not the next day. This leaves a three-day gap between the reminder and the appointment. 

  • Appointment reminder Monday-Thursday: 1 day prior
  • Appointment reminder Friday: 3 days prior
  1. Click on Automations on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click on New automation, on the top left corner of your screen.

Choose name

  1. Choose the name of your automated appointment reminder.
  2. Click on Before an appointment.
  3. Click on Next.

Assign replies

  1. Choose the user who will receive the automation responses. 
  2. Click on Next.

Target customers

Set the rules to target the right group of customers that will receive the appointment reminder.
The Rule #1 is already programmed to: Appointment date in 1 day(s).

  1. To change the rule, click on Edit.
  2. Change values under Category, Attribute, Operator or Value
  3. Click on Next

Create message

Write the message you want to send with your automation. Here are a few examples of appointment reminder messages that you can send to your customers. 

You will see a preview of your message. You can send a test message to see how your message and/or image will appear on a mobile phone. 

Here's how you can send a test message: 

  1. Click on the Send test message to... box.
  2. Enter a valid cell phone number. 
  3. Click on Test now
  4. Open the cell phone you used to send the test message. 
  5. Open your text message inbox to see the test message.
  6. Click on Next if you're happy with your message. 

Set delivery time

  1. Set the date and time to send your automation. Your automation can be sent once or every time a customer matches the rules of your automation.
  2. Click on Create automation

Throughout the whole set-up, you can go back to each step before saving your automation. 

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