Understanding the Status of Your Messages

In Appointments, you can view the status of every message sent to your customers.

Under Reminder you'll see that status for each message: 


  • You can see if your message was sent or not. 
  • Under Response you can also see if the customer has answered. 
  • Depending on their answer, you will be able to either cancel or reschedule their appointment.

Not sent

  • When an appointment is created it will be set to Not sent by default. 
  • If the automation rules-out the appointment, it won't be sent and there won't be any reminders sent to your customer.


  • The Error status means that the phone carrier was not able to deliver the message.It can be caused by an error with the number, a phone number cancelation, etc.


  • Kimoby will automatically filter landline numbers. You can filter landline numbers to see which client won't be reached by your text message so you can use a different communication channel instead.


  • The customer has unsubscribed from your communications and therefore cannot be reached by text message.
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