Understanding messages statuses

The appointments section also allows you to view the status of every message you sent to your clients by day of appointment of every automated message.

Each message status is presented with a reminder identification. Under reminder, you will see different statuses: 

  • Sent: Not only do you see if your message was sent or not, but you can see the customer's answer directly on the right. According to their answer, you will be able to either cancel or reschedule their appointment. 
  • Not sent: When an appointment is created, it will be set to not sent by default. If the automation rules out the appointment, it will not be sent. And there won't be any reminder that will be sent to the customer. 
  • Error: The phone carrier was not able to deliver the message. It could be an error in the number, a canceled number, etc. 
  • Landline: Kimoby will automatically filter landlines and, with your appointment list, you will be able to filter those numbers and contact these customers by phone. 
  • Unsubscribe: Customers who unsubscribe from getting reached by text messaging. 
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