Personalizing Messages with Custom Attributes and Fallback Values

When writing a text message or creating and editing a saved reply, you can add specific fields that Kimoby will fill in for you, using your customer’s or your company's information; these fields are called custom attributes.

Custom attributes can be useful to send messages with personalized information for each customer. 

  • From the message box, click on the custom attributes icon .
  • Select the custom attribute you wish to use in your message. You can search for a custom attribute or choose one by category: recently used, customer, user or company. 

After inserting a custom attribute to your message, you will notice that it will be displayed in yellow.

You can add a fallback value to your custom attribute by clicking on the yellow bubble. A fallback value is the value inserted in your message if Kimoby cannot find the correct information for your attribute. 

If the correct value cannot be found for your attribute and there is no fallback value, the attribute will simply not show in your message. 

When a fallback value is added, the custom attribute will be displayed in blue.

You can add as many custom attributes as you wish in your message. As seen in the image below, you can build messages filled with custom attributes and they will be sent with your customer's information.

  • Click on Send.

  • From a new message or any ongoing conversation, click on the custom attributes icon, above your keyboard.
  • Click on the attribute you wish to use or click on Search for a custom attribute to find it.

After adding a custom attribute in your text message you will notice that the brackets are separated in two: 

  1. On the left you have the custom attribute that Kimoby will automatically replace with the matching data. 
  2. On the right you have the fallback value. If Kimoby cannot find the matching data for your custom attribute, it will use the fallback value provided, which is usually a generic term. If there is no fallback value provided, the custom attribute will not show in the message if no matching value is found. 
  • Once your text message is finished, click on the paper plane icon to send your message.
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