Personalizing messages with custom attributes

Tips and tricks

More than one attribute can be used in your message. Be creative! 

When composing a message or creating and editing a preset message, you can add fields that Kimoby will fill in for you, using your customer’s or your company's information. These fields are called custom attributes.

Custom attributes can be useful to send messages with personalized information specific to each customer. 

Personalizing text messages with customer profile attributes

  • Click on the icon {...} to access the custom attributes. 
  • Choose the custom attribute you wish to use in your message.

After inserting custom attributes in your message, you will notice the brackets are seperated in two: 

  • On the left is your custom attribute that Kimoby will fill in your message.
  • On the right is what we call, a Fallback value. In case Kimoby cannot find the necessary information for your attribute, you can replace the value with a generic term. Or else, the attribute will not appear. 

Once your message is finished, click on Create message to save or send your message. 

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