Creating Automations

Send automatic messages triggered based on a particular event with automations.

  1. Click on Automations on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click on New automation.  
  3. Fill in the information for the following 5 steps. 

Throughout the setup, you can always click on Delete to delete your automation. 

Choose name

  1. Choose a name for your automation.
  2. Choose the type of message for your automation between the following options: General, Appointment reminders, Payment request, Review request.

    • General: Automation will be sent based on your set of customized rules regarding customers, events, messages, etc. With this option, you may also choose to see your results with the sentiment analysis
    • Appointment Reminders: Automation will be sent prior to an appointment. 
    • Payment request: Automation will be sent to request payments with Kimoby Pay
    • Review request: Automation will be sent to request reviews
  3. Click on Next.

Assign replies

  1. Select the user who will be receiving the automation's responses. You can also select users that will be notified when there is a response. 
  2. Click on Next.

You can turn the emoticon detection on and Kimoby will automatically sort positive and negative responses.

Target customers

Set up the rules for your automation: 

You can have as many rules as you want. You'll be able to see how many customers your automation will reach.

Create a message

  1. Enter your automation's message. Here are a few examples
  2. You'll see a preview of your message and you'll be able to send a test message to the cell phone number of your choice. 
  3. Click on Next.

Set a delivery time

  1. Choose the date and time to send your automation.  
  2. Click on Create automation

Throughout the whole set up, you can go back to each step before saving your automation. 

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