Introducing Kimoby Pay

Kimoby Pay allows businesses to send invoices and payment requests through text messages. It's a fast, secure, convenient and easy mobile checkout solution that simplifies your payment operations.

Two options are available: Pay-As-You-Go and Merchant Connect

Kimoby Pay-As-You-Go: 

The Pay-As-You-Go option is quick and easy to install and doesn't require any initial investments. Simply enter your banking information and you're ready to start receiving payments.
It is accessible and can be used by all team members to send invoices and payment requests by text messages through the Kimoby platform.

Moreover, it provides a real-time, comprehensive dashboard that allows you to view all scheduled deposits and payments. 

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Kimoby Pay Merchant Connect:

The Merchant Connect option is specifically designed to scale with your business volume and needs. This mobile payment solution is intended for high-volume businesses that are looking to connect our solution with their existing merchant accounts to avoid having to pay additional fees for each individual transaction. 

Other benefits include faster deposits in your bank account as well as a monthly compiled statement of your transactions for faster accounting reconciliation. 

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No matter what Kimoby Pay option you choose:

  • The interface in Kimoby's platform remains the same. 
  • Your customer experience remains the same. 
  • You can switch from one option to another at any time.

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