Adding an appointment


If you have an integration between your data system and Kimoby, all the information regarding appointments will then be communicated to Kimoby via the synchronization.

In the appointment section

  • Click on the calendar icon on the left of your screen to get to the appointment section.
  • Click on New appointment on the top left corner of your screen to schedule a new appointment. 
  • Enter the customer's information for whom you wish to create an appointment.
  • If needed, go to the Attributes tab, right next to the information. 
  • Write down any specific details the customer may have told you when booking his appointment. 
  • Click on Create appointment

In the customer section

  • Click on the customer icon on the left side of your screen.
  • Search and click on the customer you wish to add an appointment to.
  • Click on New appointment right under the customer's name. 
  • Choose the date, time and duration of the appointment. 
  • Click on Create appointment
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