Closing and opening conversations

Tips and tricks

Closing a conversation will not delete it. You can always re-open it or search through your closed conversations to review it.

Closing conversations can help you keep track of your communications by date and time.

But mostly, when a conversation remains open, the customer will also remain assigned to you. This means that, if one of your teammates sends a message to that same customer, he will never get the customer's replies. Only you will

There are more than one way to open or close a conversation. 

In the conversation

Closing and opening customer conversations in Kimoby

  • Click on the conversation you wish to open or close.

  • Click on Close or Open at the top right corner of your screen. 

From the main conversation screen

Finding and opening conversations from the main screen in Kimoby

  • Select the check box on the left of the conversation you wish to close. 

  • You can choose as many conversations as you want.

  • Click on either the Open or Close button at the top of your screen.

You can also close all your conversations at once. 

  • Click on the box of the first conversation on the top of your list.
  • A box All will appear on top.
  • Click on that box.
  • Click on Close.

If you are unable to select a conversation, this means there was a more recent conversation with another user. To find this conversation, simply go to the customer’s profile and find the most recent conversation. 

It can also mean the customer is unsubscribed from getting any text messages.

Closing conversations automatically

You can also have Kimoby close your conversation for you. 

Learn more on closing conversations automatically

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