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Automated Messaging Activity

This metric shows the total number of times customers replied to any automated message, compared to the total number of messages your organization has sent automatically.

A high percentage indicate that your automated messages successfully generate customer read-through rate, response rate and engagement.

You want your percentage to be as high as possible, meaning that more customer are answering you.


In this metric, you can see that, out of 124 automated messages sent, you got 82 answers from your customers which is a 68% response rate.

There was a 6% increase which means that, your customers are answering more than the last 7 days.

Also, the satisfaction rating is displayed again since, in the automations, the CSI one is included in those responses.

Improve your automations metric

First of all, you need to have active automations in order for this metric to have data.

This includes all automations.

You can set them up in your account and activate them for Kimoby to start recording your automated messages metrics.