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ALLDATA Manage Online

The Microsoft® Excel Data Export allows you to extract a file from MANAGE (Alldata)which includes customer, vehicle, and service information from posted invoices and counter sales.

If you encounter any issues with the exportation of your file, please contact MANAGE directly:

Customer Support: 800-859-3282
Email support: support@alldata.com

To generate the Excel Data Export file:

  1. From the File menu, select Export….
  2. Select Excel Export.

Result: The Excel Export Settings dialog box displays.

  1. Select the type of customer from the Customer drop-list.
  2. Select All records or Select records by date range.
  3. Select Exclude Counter Sales from this file if you do not want counter sale data included.
  4. If you did not select all records, enter a date range.
  5. Click OK.

Result: A Save As dialog displays.

  1. Type a file name and select where to save the file.
  2. Click Save.